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Our Attenborough quarry has contributed to the built environment in and around Nottingham for more than 70 years. Its aggregates have played (and continue to play) a part in local houses, schools, hospitals, roads and much more.

While the processing plant is located on the edge of the Nottinghamshire village of Attenborough, quarrying has more recently taken place across the county border in Derbyshire. Sand and gravel are transported in barges across previously flooded working areas to the processing plant.

The fact that the gravel processing and ready-mixed concrete operations are on the edge of the village creates a need for close liaison which is carried out by local management on a day-to-day basis but also by a formal liaison committee.

 While quarrying continues, earlier phases have been restored to become a popular nature reserve that has achieved Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) status. The145-hectare mosaic of habitats is now home to a legion of wildlife and is much loved by thousands of people from a wide surrounding area who also enjoy its community and educational facilities.

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Major new funding for nature reserve
Attenborough Nature Reserve has won over £560,000 in funding for habitat enhancement, community engagement and education programmes.> more

Trent Farm
Trent Farm is our current gravel extraction area and is subject to a number of planning conditions designed to minimise its impact on the local community.> more

Thrumpton's Land
We have now completed extraction of sand and gravel in the area known as Thrumpton’s Land and the site has been restored.> more

Erewash diversion
At the end of 2009, we completed a project designed to divert poor quality water from upstream farming and industrial areas away from the nature reserve.> more

Nature reserve
Find out more about the Attenborough Nature Reserve and its now extensive community and educational facilities.> more

Community liaison
A liaison committee has been set up to ensure a two way flow of information with the local community. You can read the minutes of past meetings. > more

Can we help?
The Attenborough area has featured amongst more than £2.25m worth of community donations from CEMEX-related sources over the past three years. > more