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New Homes for Bramford

 The information from the public display at the Loraine Victory Hall is available to look at here (click on exhibition panels above) for residents who were unable to attend the exhibition. Also available for download in the area above, is the feedback form  if you would like to make comments on the proposals.

CEMEX UK Properties is developing proposals for up to 130 new homes to the north of the village. The proposed site is approximately five hectares (around 12 acres) and lies to the east of The Street and to the west of the existing playing fields and the River Gipping.

The new homes would help to meet the growing demand in the area and the site has been submitted to Mid Suffolk District Council as part of the 2014 ‘Call for Sites’ Process.

Public Display 

We would like your views on these proposals before any application is finalised and submitted to the local authority.  There was a public display on Friday 5th June and Sat 6th June at the Loraine Victory Hall.  All the information from that display can be seen by clicking the links at the top right of this page.